101_0461[1]DROP OFF:
Should the regularly scheduled appointment hours be inconvenient for you, the Milan Veterinary Clinic offers a “Drop-Off” service where your pet may be admitted as an outpatient for necessary procedures and discharged when it is convenient for you to pick your pet up later in the day. (requires $150.00 Deposit; that is applied to your invoice.)

COMPLETE DIAGNOSTIC FACILITIES: Includes separate examination rooms, clinical pathology lab (In hospital pre-op and diagnostic blood work) and radiology.

COMPLETE PHARMACEUTICAL FACILITIES: Providing the most frequently used medications.

PROPER ANESTHETIC PROCEDURES: The doctors perform a thorough pre-anesthetic examination prior to every anesthetic procedure. Our clinic uses the safest medications and gas anesthesia on the market today. A trained veterinary technician monitors each pet every second from anesthetic induction through recovery.

MODERN SURGICAL FACILITIES: Includes an aseptic, single-use room for surgery. Sterile equipment and sterile surgical technique are used and followed as per the strict guidelines set by the American Animal Hospital Association.

DENTAL SERVICES: Oral hygiene is as important to a pet’s health as it is to ours. Our clinic offers routine teeth cleaning, thorough oral examinations, gum treatment and extractions.

NURSING CARE: One of our best and most vital services is our nursing care. Our trained and compassionate staff provide the tender love and care needed to help nurture your pet to a loving, caring, positive recovery.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Our clinic’s veterinarians make every effort to be available for potential problems and emergencies outside of normal office hours. However, in the event that our doctors are not available, we recommend contacting Cornell University at (607)-253-3060.